Swabbed and Swiped from Both Ends

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Swabbed and Swiped

Swabbed and Swiped

This week I discovered I have strep throat. I also went to the gynecologist for my annual exam. So, I’ve been swabbed and swiped from both ends and haven’t liked it very much.

I ate nothing but saltines and soda for four days while my throat burned and I felt like my head was in a vice. That was nothing compared to my visit to the gyno.

She told me I’m peri-menopausal – as if I didn’t already know. “Do you still get a period?” she asked. I felt like a fossil. I told her I feel like I’m losing muscle tone. She laughed and told me that’s a symptom of menopause. The rest of the symptoms weren’t much fun either: hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, memory loss, vaginal dryness, irritability. Yeah, I’ll bet vaginal dryness would make me irritable.

I joked with my sister later that evening, “So, what, I’m just gonna be this dried up, doughy person from now on? I guess the upside is I won’t remember how good I used to look.”

Luckily before I went headlong down the rat hole of despair, I talked to a Canadian friend of mine. “Corinne,” she said, “You teach removing limiting beliefs, this is like anything else, make up your mind to have an easy time of it and you will.”

Duh. Of course. Here’s another example of getting overwhelmed and completely forgetting all the tools in my toolbox.

My friend also recommended Christian Northrup’s “Wisdom of Menopause.” I started reading it and feel much better about things. Dr. Northrup says this is a great time of creativity and fulfillment. A great time to change careers and do what you’re meant to be doing. A time to have the best sex of your life.

I didn’t realize a woman’s entire brain is rewired during this time. It’s more of an event than a mere transition. A life-changing event that sets you up for the second half of life. The best half. Believe the best is yet to be and it will be.

You can bet my attitude has shifted this week. Yup. I am breezing through an easy, symptom-free menopause. I can’t wait to see what miracles my new rewired brain creates in my life. And, oh by the way, I’ve never believed I’d have vaginal dryness.

Corinne and her Canadian friend are co-facilitating “Accessing the Writer Within” in Sedona next year. Of course, it contains a module on removing limiting beliefs! You can check it out here:


Corinne L. Casazza was sitting atop a camel next to the Sphinx, when her guide told her after this she’d “Walk Like an Egyptian.” This was a great synchronicity since it’s the name of Corinne’s second novel, written long before she ever went to Egypt.

Corinne is an international best-selling author based in Massachusetts. She’s published three novels, a best-selling book on relationship and dozens of magazine articles. Her marketing copy has helped almost a dozen people become best-selling authors on Amazon, including herself!

Corinne strongly believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

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Top Ten Mistakes New Writers Make

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I’ve worked with a lot of beginning writers and I find we all make the same mistakes. I’ve compiled what I consider to be the top 10 mistakes I’ve made and I’ve witnessed new writers doing. We can all break the rules and we should – once we know what they are. Take a look at my list below. Do you see yourself anywhere?

  1. Not using contractions – Do not, cannot, is not; don’t use these in your writing, especially not in dialogue. You don’t speak this way, so why would you write this way? Contractions make your writing sound stilted. You want your writing to sound as natural as possible.
  2. Beginning a sentence with “And” – And is a “joiner” is connects two things like “high-heeled shoes and short skirts” or “Godzilla and Tokyo.” It doesn’t belong at the start of your sentences.
  3. The compound verb is not your friend – Be careful of long verb phrases and long wordy phrases. Instead of “He was not able to find a way to go” say “He couldn’t go.” In general, less is always more when it comes to words. Find the shortest, most precise way to express what you mean.
  4. Pick a tense any tense – Then stick with it! Be sure if you are writing in the past tense to use that tense for the entire story. You can use present tense to tell a story if that is a conscious choice, and again, be faithful to it; have your characters speak in present tense for the whole telling of the story.
  5. Point of View (POV) – Be clear about it. If you’re in one character’s head, stay there for at least an entire scene. Be careful of head hopping (going from one character’s point of view to another) in the middle of a scene. This can be very confusing for your reader. You can switch from one character to another in different chapters or even in the same chapter if you leave a few lines of space between paragraphs.
  6. Use Short sentences – Whether you are describing the landscape or expressing the thoughts or actions of your characters, stick with short sentences. They’re easier for the reader to grasp. They’re also impactful.
  7. Showing vs. Telling – This is a big issue for most newbie writers. Instead of using an adjective like “afraid” to tell us how your character feels, try using body language: “Carol’s breathing was shallow. Her hands were sweating. She wondered if anyone could see her legs shaking as she stood at the microphone.” Body language is very important because it makes the event more palpable to the reader, they can feel this in their own body and it evokes emotion.
  8. A word about dialogue – OK, actually I have more than a word about dialogue because new writers have difficulty with it. The first thing to know is the ONLY word to use as a dialogue tag is “said.” This is because the reader’s eye glides right over it. You want to use body language to convey the emotion your character is feeling.
  9. Adverbs are strictly forbidden – Again, this relates to dialogue. Never use an adverb in a dialogue attribution i.e. “she said vehemently.” It’s the job of the author to create body language that shows what the character is feeling.
  10. Leaving out emotion – Emotion is the MOST difficult thing to get onto the page. Even humor is easier to capture. When your character is going through angst, your reader needs to feel it too. We can’t get to it if you are unwilling to feel it and get it on the page. Don’t worry if this doesn’t happen in the first draft. You may just get down the nuts and bolts of a scene in the first draft and go back for subsequent revisions to add body language, actions and dialogue that really convey the emotions of your characters and evokes them in your readers. When you get right down to it, this is what writing is all about – making your readers feel.

Try these suggestions and see if your writing feels cleaner and more honest. If you’d like to work with me on getting to the essence of your story, you can contact me at CorinneCasazza@gmail.com

Corinne L. Casazza is an international best-selling author based in Boston, Massachusetts. She’s currently at work on her third novel. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

Corinne’s best-selling ebook: “Break These Chains of Love: A New Paradigm for Relationship” is available here: http://ow.ly/Brook

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On Goals and Becoming a best-selling author

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my new best-selling ebook

My new best-selling ebook!

It is with great joy and humility that I write this line: I became a best-selling author this week. Yes, I am so amazed, excited, elated and grateful. I achieved a goal that has been a dream of mine for almost four decades. Truly, it’s all I’ve ever wanted to be. When I received the news that my latest ebook: “Break These Chains of Love: A New Paradigm for Relationship” hit best-seller status on Amazon, I was overjoyed! I felt like someone should pinch me. I cried tears of joy for about a half hour.

I knew that someday this would happen. I’ve been writing since I was eight years old. It’s only been in the last six years that I began to believe it. I had been in the energy of and interviewed so many best-selling authors during my time in Sedona and I’d also written copy that helped eight other people become best-selling authors on Amazon: this finally made me believe it would one day be my destiny too.

Although this had been a dream of mine almost all my life, I had never written it down! When I teach classes on manifestation, the first thing I tell people is to write down their dreams, what they want to manifest. The act of writing it down brings the wish from the world of spirit and the ethers, into the material world of form.

I always have a list of goals I’m working on and “becoming a best-selling author” was never on it! I finally put it in writing only a few months ago.  Why? I had so much fear around this goal and a huge story to go with it!

I worried that if I were a best-selling author, I’d have to take responsibility for my gifts and actually USE them! Oh no! And people would want to talk to me. They’d want to hear what I had to say. For someone who was painfully shy as a child, this is a huge fear. I had to be willing to be seen and heard: no more hiding. And, there was a whole pile of the unknown – that wonderful mystery we need to step into to create the life of our dreams – that went along with it.

The other thing that happened prior to my hitting best-seller status was a change in my attitude. I moved from selfish to service. Instead of simply wanting people to read my work (selfish), I shifted to feeling and believing that my experience could actually help someone (service). I told myself if I helped just one person with my new book, my job was done.

There were two days this week, the two days that just preceded my best-seller status, where I actually felt deeply what it would feel like to be of service with my writing. This feeling brought me to tears on both of those days.

So, my conclusion here is to advise you to write down your goals. Even the big, scary ones – in fact, especially those. The Universe has a way of bringing up and clearing all your limiting beliefs that get in the way – IF you are paying attention and willing to change.


Corinne L. Casazza is a best-selling author based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently at work on her third novel. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

Corinne’s best-selling ebook: “Break These Chains of Love: A New Paradigm for Relationship” is available here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00N1F8TL8

Check out Corinne’s Amazon Author page: www.amazon.com/author/corinnecasazza

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Message from the Universe # 10075: Iron Man Rules!

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I love the way the Universe sends messages. Recently I had rewritten a scene in my new book, “The Adventures of Blue Belly and Sugar Shaker,” and referenced Iron Man (the character portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.). I was second-guessing the whole rewrite as I drove to hot yoga. Was the scene right? Was it better than when I started? Should I have left in Iron Man? Was the humor I used appropriate for the scene etc…? I was still thinking about this as I sat in the studio stretching before class. Then, the man in front of me peeled off his t-shirt to reveal a tattoo. I’ll give you one guess what it was. Yup. Iron Man. The super hero took up half the man’s back. What are the odds? Got it, Universe, Iron Man stays in the scene.

Here’s another synchronicity, this one occurred while I was contemplating my main character’s name.  She’s a funny character and I wanted her to have a name to match. I came up with Isabella Calamare. I was wondering if the name really worked and if I should keep it. A few hours later I found some artwork one of my friends made me. It’s an elaborate piece of colored pencil work. As I looked at it, marveling that my friend had taken the time to create it for me, I noticed something I’d never seen before. Down in the left corner of the drawing was a small, green octopus. Yup, a calamare!

After that, I visited my massage therapist. She had a stuffed animal on her counter. Yes, it was an octopus. I thought it was an odd choice for a stuffed toy – I don’t usually consider octopi cuddly. When I commented on it, she told me that in ancient Hawaiian Huna the octopus symbolizes Divine Mother. This, of course, fit perfectly with my character.

These are the signs around me when I’m writing that let me know I’m on the right track. It doesn’t happen just for writing, it happens in every area of life. The Universe is always talking to us, sending messages. The more you notice, the more they happen and you go… Into the mystic. Thank you, Universe!

Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently at work on her third novel. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

Corinne’s novel, Walk Like an Egyptian is available at Amazon.com or from Llumina Press.

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I’ll Get You My Pretty OR Why Temporary Triumphs and Reversals are Critical to Story

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Wicked Witch

I’ll Get You My Pretty

I am addicted to USA Network’s drama “Suits.” I’ve been mesmerized by the show and can’t stop watching. Why? Because there’s a constant back and forth of temporary triumphs and reversals. It’s like a ping pong game and I can’t look away. I can’t wait to see what happens next. How will the character get out of this jam? Will they?

A temporary triumph is just that — it looks like a character has won something. For instance, in The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy and company score a temporary triumph when they reach Oz and ring the bell. They’ve finally made it to Oz – they’ve been journeying there for half the movie. Their success is short lived when they’re told to come back tomorrow – there’s the reversal.  Following that is another temporary triumph — they get in. But, then they’re told they need to return with the witches shoes – another reversal.

Most stories have one or two temporary triumphs and reversals, but the most successful have many more. These are very compelling to your reader – they are really pulling for the character, so much so that they can’t stop reading, which is exactly what you want. It also gives you as the author a chance to more deeply reveal the inner workings of the character – how resourceful are they? How honest? How devious?

After Dorothy and friends defeat the witch, marking the climax of the story, they return to the Wizard. He, an old carny man from Kansas, says he’ll take Dorothy home in his balloon – another temporary triumph. Drats, the balloon takes off without her – another reversal. Good witch Glenda shows up and tells Dorothy she had the power to get home all along. And she does. Finally. The turnabouts that happen even after the climax make the story compelling, and a classic.

In “Suits,” the lawyers are always trading insults, skirting the edge of the law, trying to convince a hostile witness to testify on their behalf, all this makes for very interesting storytelling. One minute they have a witness in custody – triumph. The next minute he escapes – reversal. They get the witness back – triumph. He’s shot and killed – reversal. And so on. Not every trial turns out the way we think it might and not all the wins are fulfilling, but this is also true in life.

Temporary triumphs and reversals are the stuff of true life. They give your characters depth and humanity – or not. The reader feels rewarded every time the character triumphs and roots them on whenever a reversal, particularly a stinging one from an arch rival, comes along.  So, pepper your stories with triumphs and reversals and keep your readers hooked!


Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently at work on her third novel. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

Corinne’s novel, Walk Like an Egyptian is available at Amazon.com or from Llumina Press.

Check out Corinne’s Facebook Fan Page for tips for beginning writers.

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Sweet Freedom!

Sweet Freedom!

I’ve been very blessed with the opportunity to travel extensively. I’ve been to some of the most beautiful places on the planet. I love to travel, and even to fly. But it wasn’t always that way.

From the time I was a kid, I was petrified to fly. I especially hated to fly alone. I think this stemmed from one of those childhood séance games where I was told I’d die in a plane crash. Everything that even led up to flying scared me. My stomach dropped when I got my first glimpse of the airport from the cab. Standing in a long security line would have panic rising inside me. The fear was so strong my legs would shake. I would look around frantically wondering if anyone could see the terror on my face – and sure that they could.

Every time I boarded an aircraft, I felt I was being sent to my death. Every bump, every turbulent jolt had me clutching the arms of my seat, hands sweating, heart pounding, breathing way too shallow. I was so afraid to fly, I would get physically sick. Yes, I’ve used a few airbags in my time…

I did a lot of work on myself to make my peace with flying. I did hypnosis, meditation, subliminal tapes, writing out affirmations and repeating them. I finally got to a place where I could fly without feeling sick and with relative calm. If turbulence cropped up or if I felt nervous, I would simply call to Archangel Michael or meditate. This always worked. It worked when I was traveling home in the wake of a hurricane and the plane was bouncing up and down. It even worked when I had to slide down the slide of a British Airways flight that never left the ground in Phoenix. I’ve been traveling with more confidence for the past six years or so.

This year though, my travel fears came back with a vengeance. I actually got sick on a flight to Houston. That hadn’t happened in years. The pilot said it was the bumpiest ride he’d ever experienced and I knew it wasn’t about that at all. I got to the point where I felt unsafe in my own vehicle (this is unheard of!) and I had a complete meltdown when my well-meaning partner told me we’d be taking the ferry across the mighty St. Lawrence to Quebec City. I’ve been on ferries, boats and cruise ships my whole life. I’ve even sailed down the Nile. There was no reason to have a fit. I just didn’t feel safe. I ended up loving the ferry and the view — once I was done crying.

But then…. I went to visit Sai Maa. Sai Maa is an Enlightened Being.  She is God and she knows it. She’s a Master in our own backyard. I first met Sai Maa in Albany in June of 2013. As soon as I caught a glimpse of her, I started crying. When she stepped from her vehicle in a wide-brimmed hat with a huge smile and walked toward the crowd that had gathered to greet her, I kept crying. I couldn’t stop.

She is so beautiful. At 60, her café au lait skin is flawless. She possesses a timeless radiance, an inner light no amount of youth can match. In short, she is breath-taking. But that was not the reason for my tears. I was crying because I could feel her energy. I could feel the love of Divine Mother and it opened my heart. I was not prepared for my reaction to her. I’d never experienced anything like it and I knew that in some way she was for me – although I didn’t know quite what that meant. I felt like some part of me had recognized her and was SO thrilled to see her again.

After meeting her, I knew I was meant to learn from her. I had to attend her retreat. And, yes, I had to fly there alone. I wasn’t so happy about it, but I knew my time with her would be more than worth it. I read the astrological forecast for the day I planned to leave. It told me not to travel! Things would break and be delayed. People would be angry and mean. Stay home if you can, it warned. I thought, Really Universe? Really? Then just as quickly, That’s not what’s in my heart and that’s not what I’m going to manifest. I called to Sai Maa for grace. I know this prison is of my own making, I told her. Please give me the grace to get through it, just for today…

And she did. My flight was quick and smooth. And on time. Everyone I dealt with from the cab driver to the security personnel to the flight attendant was pleasant. I arrived at my destination happy and feeling well.

The purpose of the retreat was to do healing work with Sai Maa. I was very ready to do this work. As I watched other attendees do theirs, I was so struck by how transformed they all were. Their faces were luminous, their eyes full of light; they looked years younger! I could see it was easier for them to express themselves. I kept thinking, I want what they’re having.

When I got up to do my work, there was no thinking. There was only feeling. Sai Maa guided me through the experience. Life-long fears and limiting beliefs I’ve held were removed. Programming that had been running me since childhood was gone. I was aware as soon as we were done that I was more in my essence, more my True Self.

Sai Maa asked me, as she had asked the others before me, to step aside and stand with my arms outstretched. She wanted me to feel my new energy, since my consciousness had been transformed. As I closed my eyes and stretched out my arms, I was aware that my entire stance on the earth was different. I was grounded in a way I never had been. I felt lighter, yet full. Powerful, but soft.

As Maa watched me move, she said, “Oh, she is a sensual one, this one.”

I laughed. Then I started to cry.

“What do you feel?” she asked me.

“I feel joy.”

“And I hear, ‘finally,’” she said.

“Yes, finally,” I repeated. I had been calling to Maa for joy for months, and here it was!

I thanked Maa and went back to my seat to witness the work of others. I knew that if even the way I stood was different, then my experiences would be very different too.

During a break, I was sitting in the back of the retreat room with my eyes closed and my back against the wall. I had the experience of being One with the rotation of the earth. I could feel it and see it! I was actually IN the rotation of the earth. This lasted for about 30 seconds to a minute. OK, I realize we are all always in the rotation of the earth by virtue of the very fact that we are here, but I’ve never been consciously aware of that subtle movement.

A few times at the retreat, I had the experience of complete contentment. I was sitting watching the others do their work, just gazing out, when all thought ceased in my head. There was nothingness…. Just complete contentment…. And then my range of vision started to crumble…. That happened a few times, for no more than a minute, but it was amazing! The freedom I felt after working with Maa was astounding. I’d never experienced it before in this lifetime.

Then it was time to go home. I wasn’t worried about the flight at all. No tremors at the sight of the airport and no long security line. One of other retreat attendees was in the same terminal and we talked about our experiences until it was time for me to board. There was no more feeling of moving toward my death when I boarded the plane. I was just excited to get back to Boston.

Aboard the plane, I had the row to myself. When does that ever happen anymore? I was so relaxed, peaceful and serene the whole flight! It was a very smooth, very quick flight and we were making our descent into Boston before I knew it. Since I was alone in the row, I looked out the window. This is not something I usually do. Normally upon take off and landing I am sitting very still in my seat with my head against the back of the chair. I don’t dare move my head for fear of motion sickness. Now I was enjoying the view and the glow of the lights as we glided over Boston harbor.

It wasn’t the first time I’d seen the lights over the city, but this time I was awed by their luminescence and beauty. As I looked out, I kept thinking, This is so beautiful. This is so beautiful. Then I heard a voice in my head. It said, There can be no fear where there is love. And I just got it! I understood that to the core of my being. I started crying tears of gratitude for the understanding of that simple truth. In that moment I knew it didn’t matter what happened next. It didn’t matter if the plane banked right, if it banked left, or if it fell out of the sky, because I was okay! I got it!

It’s one thing to know a concept intellectually and quite another to feel it to the core of your being. I had always known that fear and love couldn’t exist in the same space. I couldn’t truly grasp it until I had the experience of being completely safe and completely free. My next trip is coming up soon. I know my future adventures will be blessed with freedom and a greater love of travel. I am so grateful to Sai Maa for the incredible gift of my freedom!

For more information on Sai Maa, visit her web site: Sai-Maa.com or like her on Facebook at:


Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently at work on her third novel. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

Corinne’s novel, Walk Like an Egyptian is available at Amazon.com or from Llumina Press.

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Cold as a Witch’s Teat: Six Keys to Surviving Winter in New England

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The author at Revere Beach after a winter storm.

Okay, I am a New Englander, a Bostonian born and bred, but let’s be clear: I have never liked the cold. And let’s face it, we have more snow than Sochi. One of the first things that strikes me about winter in New England is that no matter the temperature, people are drinking iced Dunkin Donuts coffee – yup, whether it’s -2 degrees or 22, people have their iced Dunkins. I recently walked into a nationwide discount store in my city. The temperature was 20 out and the store was sampling Italian ice! Really? As I passed by the stand, I told the woman, “No thanks, I’m cold enough.” Why would you sample an ice product when it’s below freezing out? Only in New England.

I spent six years wandering the desert of Arizona and now that I have a few New England winters under my belt again, I feel compelled to share my secrets for surviving the frozen tundra I call home.

  1. Dress in layers – I typically wear three layers and carry an extra pair of sox in my purse. No one needs to know you have on those one-piece footy pajamas (complete with rear escape hatch) under your clothes. Trust me, no one will notice. If you want to be sensual, try wearing natural silk long underwear. Be careful, the friction from these undies has been known to start fires…
  2. Have a sunny outlook – No matter how cold it gets, it’s always warm in your heart. Make an effort to see the beauty of the waning winter sun and the gray sky. If that doesn’t work, meditate – just be sure to do it under a blanket.
  3. Find a heat source – This could be a loved one, your dog or a heating element. Winter months in New England are a great time to cuddle up. I confess, for the last two months, I have been sitting with my feet up on the entertainment center that houses my TV and an electric fire place that throws heat. Wow, no wonder watching Justified is steamier than usual.
  4. Get away – New Englanders love to visit tropical locales in winter. And why not? Sticking your toes in the sand is a sure fire antidote for the winter blues. This winter I took off to Florida in December and San Diego in January. Don’t forget to post photos on Facebook so all your friends stuck at home in arctic temperatures can be really jealous!
  5. Take up a winter sport – My sport of choice is ice skating and I love to do it outside on a frozen pond. There’s nothing like kicking back with a hot chocolate after a few exhilarating spins around the ice. You can always skip the pond and just drink the hot chocolate. Peppermint Schnapps, anyone?
  6. See a Bruins game – To me, this is the best thing about winter in New England. There’s nothing like taking the T over to the Garden (pronounced Gahhhden for you out of towners) and watching a bunch of lit fans bust a move on the JumboTron in between goals from Lucic and Bergeron.

Remember, we’ll be turning the clocks ahead in a few short weeks. Spring is just around the corner and we’ll be in sweltering heat and humidity before you know it. God, I love New England! 


Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently at work on her third novel. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

Corinne’s novel, Walk Like an Egyptian is available at Amazon.com or from Llumina Press.

Check out Corinne’s Facebook Fan Page for tips for beginning writers.

Visit Corinne’s Web site at CasazzaWriting.com