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As Within So Without — even in fiction

April 28, 2010

I always say I should’ve made Tara Green, the main character in my novel, Walk Like an Egyptian, come into a lot of money, because whatever happens to her happens to me.

Tara’s hero, Tab, is 10 years older than she is. When I first conceived this idea, I wondered if I’d even be attracted to a man that much older than I am. The next thing I knew, I was introduced to one. To say I was attracted to him would be an understatement. I’m happy to report, the feeling was mutual.

Tara has an episode in the novel where she’s in physical danger, but remains completely calm. Shortly before the novel was published I,who have overcome a lifetime fear of flying, found myself on a plane that caught fire on the runway. Yup. We had to evacuate down those big yellow slides you’ve only seen on the news. The whole time I was eerily calm. It was surreal: as if something or someone had taken over. I had no fear.  I just knew I had to get off the plane and I’d be okay. And I was.

Okay, one more thing. That scene with the cashier in chapter 3, that actually happened. That was my dream as described in the novel. I asked for a sign and had the same result at the check out stand that Tara did.

These are a few examples of “as within, so without,” whatever we’re experiencing in our internal world, or in my case, on the page, manifests externally. In my next entry, I’ll talk about a ritual in Walk Like an Egyptian. A fun one!