Braco in Sedona: The Real Deal

I hadn’t heard of Braco (pronounced “Braht -zho”), the Croatian healer who heals with his gaze, until a friend forwarded me an e-mail that he was going to be in Sedona. I took a look at his web site and felt compelled to buy a ticket. What’s $8 after all?

If I had known what the experience would be like, I would’ve bought a lot more tickets! People who had experienced Braco before bought tickets to several sessions to feel the cumulative effects of his healing.

The event was held in a meeting room at Sedona Rouge. We filed in and were seated. One of the producers of Braco’s American tour spoke to us to prepare us before he entered. She told us Braco would gaze at us for about 5 minutes while we stood. We could stay and meditate for a few minutes after.

When Braco started gazing at us, I could feel all this incredible, unconditional love and my heart just opened. He gazed slowly back and forth across the crowd. It looked to me like the whole audience was swaying. The energy was palpable and really powerful.

When I sat down my head was spinning. A friend who was with me remarked that this must have been what it felt like to be in the presence of Christ – just pure love. Another friend said she saw Braco shape-shift into an Archangel. I didn’t see anything; but I felt that incredible love and feeling of Oneness all around me.

So many healers come to Sedona, that it’s easy to get jaded here. In my experience, Braco is the real deal: humble, unassuming, and packing a mightily powerful energy. If you have the chance to be in his presence, I highly recommend it. You can check out his American tour at

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