Character Profiles

Before beginning that novel, spend some time getting to know your characters. I recommend at least a 5-10 page bio on your main characters. Some people do as many as 25 pages.

You need to know about their childhood through the present the following information:

  • Who influenced them
  • What kind of relationship they had with their parents, siblings, relatives
  • Nicknames
  • What kind of friendships did they have? Have they lasted? Why?
  • What is in their psyche that will trip them up? i.e. what are their limiting beliefs?

This last one, the issue of their psyche is most important to the plot. What is going to trip them up? How will they misinterpret things? What are they afraid of? Have they been abandoned, rejected, or reviled?

 In terms of the book, what does your hero want more than anything and what is he/she willing to do to get it?

Happy Writing!

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