Bullet-Proof Research

Doing research is an integral part of writing. One writer I know has Google.com as her home page because she does so much research for her novels. Research serves to make your novel believable, giving it teeth. The same is true for non-fiction.

When I researched St. Gerard Maella while writing Divided We Fall, I found that this saint fit into my plot better than if I had made him up! Going online and viewing his sanctuary in Italy not only helped me write its description, it allowed me to visualize the scene I was writing. Talk about invaluable! I used the same technique while writing Walk Like an Egyptian to describe restaurants and hotels in Los Angeles that I hadn’t yet frequented.

Recently I interviewed American’s most beloved psychic, Sylvia Browne. She told me when she’s writing a book, her family room is filled with stacks and stacks of paper. She wrote The Mystical Life of Jesus long before The Davinci Code came out. Mystical Life states that Christ didn’t die on the cross, that he traveled to France after the crucifixion. Sylvia’s publisher warned her that she would get an onslaught of nasty letters.

No such thing happened. Why? Because as her publisher said, “You made it bulletproof, Sylvia!”
That’s the power of diligent research. It makes your work stand on its own and it helps you as a writer to describe and formulate scenes.

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