Get into Your Heart

What does being in your heart space have to do with writing? Everything.

I had the pleasure of hearing Gregg Braden speak here in Sedona earlier this year. According to Braden, the brain and the heart both have electrical and magnetic fields and these fields are relatively weak in the brain. The heart is up to 100 times stronger electrically and up to 5000 times stronger magnetically. If you were going to plug into a source to write from, which would you choose?

The heart is the source of all our internal wisdom, knowledge and power. With it, we can easily tap into a story and get our head, ego and personality out of the way. The words come through you, not from you.  And the by-products are awesome.

I recently had a reading from Ray of Sedona, a leading psychic here. He told me, “You can’t experience joy when you’re in your head.” I never thought about it, but it’s really true.

I know when I write a good scene. I can feel it. Sometimes I’m so excited about something I’ve written, I actually jump up and down. This happened when I was writing a particular scene in Walk Like an Egyptian. I won’t tell you which one (blush)….

Anyway, being in our heart space really opens up the energy of Divine Truth and Wisdom and allows us access to it.

For a great meditation to get you into your heart space, check out Michael James’ Heart Breath Meditation. It’s how I learned to get into my heart space and it continues to be invaluable to me.

Can you be open to at least the possibility that the wisdom of the Universe is at your fingertips? Good. Now start writing!


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