Writing as Healing

Walk Like an Egyptian -- front cover

Walk Like an Egyptian -- front cover

If you saw my interview on Arizona TV, you know I talked a bit about writing as healing. I do believe that everything that we need to heal is in locked in our cellular memories and comes up when we’re ready to heal it.

In my own case, while writing my first book, I remembered entire conversations from the dinner table 30 years earlier.  I was five and six years old at the time of these discussions. As I remembered things, I’d call my sister who is older than I am (OK, Donna, I won’t say how many years) and ask if she recalled the same. She always did, “Corinne, where did this come from?” she’d ask.

Yup. Cellular memory.

I believe that everyone has the ability to heal this way. Start writing and stuff will come up. When I got to Arizona and opened up the first draft of Walk Like an Egyptian that I’d started writing in NH, I found a story about a woman who moved from Boston to Phoenix to become a flight attendant. In the past, I’d had a great fear of flying. In the year since I’d started this draft and moved, I had overcome that fear.

This is a continuous process of healing. It goes on and on as we evolve and become more of who we truly are. And, that is why I write, after all – to know who I truly am and share whatever I’ve learned along the way.

So, if you’re ready for a journey of transformation, start writing!


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