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BYE Now – Part 2

November 3, 2017

My sister asked me if I had something to wear to Dad’s funeral. I didn’t. I decided to head to Macy’s in New Hampshire to find a dress. I had no idea the synchronicity that was about to happen.

There was a Black Friday sale going on which I thought was particularly appropriate. It was also odd to have Black Friday in July. Typically, it’s a day-after-Thanksgiving sale. It turns out every Friday in July was a Black Friday at Macy’s this year. It certainly felt that way to me with Dad’s passing. I guess Macy’s just wanted to boost their summer sales.

I found a black designer dress that I liked right away. It was fit and flare with a high collar and midi- length. There were diamond cut-outs all over the dress. It was lined until a few inches from the hem, just allowing a peek of shin and calves beneath the black diamonds. I thought Dad would approve. He had more clothes than I do. If you know me, you know that’s really something. I do love me some fashion! And a bargain –  the sale price of the dress was only $50. Another gift from Dad.

I tried it on. The dress fit like it was made for me, but was sleeveless and I knew I’d be cold without something over my arms. I ventured out among the racks and found a black shrug to wear over it. It was a crop-length sweater with feminine eyelash lace at the collar and hem. Back at the mirror, I smoothed my hands over the bodice of the dress. It looked great. I wished I were wearing it to something else. Anything else. I tried to think of a happy occasion to wear it. And failed. I wrung my hands and took it off.

I bought the outfit and was walking to my car to hang up the dress. A friend was meeting me at the mall and I didn’t want to lug it around.

I often get messages from license plates when I’m driving. This happens a lot in NH where vanity plates are more prevalent than in my home state of Massachusetts. As I headed to my vehicle, I saw a NH plate that said “BYE-NOW” on the back of a red SUV. Red was Dad’s favorite color.


I did a double take. He knew I was there. He was saying good bye because we hadn’t gotten to say it in person. I got goosebumps.

I put the dress in my car and walked right back toward the mall entrance. I’d taken less than a minute. The SUV was gone! It showed up just long enough to deliver my message. I shook my head and strode to the double doors to reenter Macy’s. These are the kinds of synchronicities that happen when you pay attention. The more you notice, the more they happen. The more supported you feel in life – at least I do.

In the last part of this trilogy, I’ll share my frustration at the funeral and how I got over it.

Corinne L. Casazza is an international best-selling author based in Boston, Massachusetts. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

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Message from the Universe # 10075: Iron Man Rules!

July 17, 2014

I love the way the Universe sends messages. Recently I had rewritten a scene in my new book, “The Adventures of Blue Belly and Sugar Shaker,” and referenced Iron Man (the character portrayed by Robert Downey Jr.). I was second-guessing the whole rewrite as I drove to hot yoga. Was the scene right? Was it better than when I started? Should I have left in Iron Man? Was the humor I used appropriate for the scene etc…? I was still thinking about this as I sat in the studio stretching before class. Then, the man in front of me peeled off his t-shirt to reveal a tattoo. I’ll give you one guess what it was. Yup. Iron Man. The super hero took up half the man’s back. What are the odds? Got it, Universe, Iron Man stays in the scene.

Here’s another synchronicity, this one occurred while I was contemplating my main character’s name.  She’s a funny character and I wanted her to have a name to match. I came up with Isabella Calamare. I was wondering if the name really worked and if I should keep it. A few hours later I found some artwork one of my friends made me. It’s an elaborate piece of colored pencil work. As I looked at it, marveling that my friend had taken the time to create it for me, I noticed something I’d never seen before. Down in the left corner of the drawing was a small, green octopus. Yup, a calamare!

After that, I visited my massage therapist. She had a stuffed animal on her counter. Yes, it was an octopus. I thought it was an odd choice for a stuffed toy – I don’t usually consider octopi cuddly. When I commented on it, she told me that in ancient Hawaiian Huna the octopus symbolizes Divine Mother. This, of course, fit perfectly with my character.

These are the signs around me when I’m writing that let me know I’m on the right track. It doesn’t happen just for writing, it happens in every area of life. The Universe is always talking to us, sending messages. The more you notice, the more they happen and you go… Into the mystic. Thank you, Universe!

Corinne L. Casazza is a freelance writer based in Boston, Massachusetts. She is currently at work on her third novel. Corinne believes that through creativity and humor, we all find our own inner light.

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A Yellow Portulaca OR Follow the Signs

November 21, 2012

You may have heard me say when I don’t know what happens next, I write description. Description should be lyrical and visual. It should not only include what’s palpable to the five senses, but also what feelings it evokes in your main character(s). Used in this way, setting becomes a character itself.

As I thought about this tip, a memory from writing Walk Like an Egyptian came to mind. I was describing my father’s garden at home in Boston where I grew up. I talked about the gray cement fence that was a barrier between our yard and the neighbors behind us. My Dad has a very green thumb and every inch of our yard was planted with vegetables, herbs and flowers. The fence was no exception. It had holes in the top of it. My Dad filled the holes with dirt and planted portulacas there. They sprouted up multi-colored from the top of the wall for all to see. Portulacas are small flowers that come in a rainbow of colors.

After I finished this description, I walked out of my house in Sedona to pick up my mail. I walked past a large cement flower pot that was at the top of my fence. As I walked by, I thought I saw a yellow flower in the pot. I did a double take. I had never planted anything there and had never seen anything grow there.

I looked into the planter again and rubbed my eyes. There, in the middle of this previously empty flower pot, was a single yellow portulaca! I couldn’t believe it. I even went so far as to go back inside and Google the flower to be sure I remembered it correctly.

Yup. There was a yellow portulaca in my flower pot! I took that as a sign that my story was progressing in the right direction. The Universe can give us some pretty unmistakable signs if we are paying attention. So… keep writing and look for those signs around you that tell you you’re on the right track.

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The Energy of Separation and Relationship

July 8, 2010

Recently, I’ve been taking inventory of my actions in my most intimate relationships. I had a lot of resistance to doing this. I got some help when a monk stopped by my house to bless me. His blessing gave me the boost of light I needed to work through some of my initial resistance, and it was the dogged determination of a dear friend who helped me through the deepest, toughest parts.

When I looked at my actions, what I saw horrified me. I had a blatant disregard for the feelings of others. In almost every instance, this was true – talk about an ingrained pattern. I had shut down my heart and surrounded it with armor. I don’t have to tell you how far this got me in relationship.

What is behind this?  A long-standing, deep-rooted, cherished family belief: The world is a big, scary place and everyone is out to get me. Everyone. That includes the people I love and those who love me. I would reject and hurt people before they could do it to me – because I had an underlying belief they would. If anyone got too close, I’d just swat at them and push them away. If that didn’t work, I would coldly announce that I was done and moving on, giving no regard at all to how they felt.  As this realization came over me, I felt a strong burning in my heart, the confirmation of truth. I felt relieved and grateful. There was a huge release of energy from my crown. Somewhere inside my head an alarm sounded, “Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!” I knew it was my truth. I began crying tears of joy.

But there was more to it than that. I wasn’t able to trust and connect with others. My partner said it was almost like I wanted revenge against men. It all led back to separation. My Dad punished me leaving me alone in a chair for what felt like hours. Miserable and lonely, I felt abandoned and unloved. Please know I am not blaming my Dad for anything.  I am aware it was my choice to carry this story around with me. I could’ve let it go at any time.

I replaced the story of my Dad leaving me alone in my chair, with a story of me sitting on his lap in the chair, spending time with him, talking to him about what was bothering me and cuddling with him. In short, having my Dad love, nurture and connect with me. A much better truth.  After all, my subconscious doesn’t know what actually happened and what didn’t.

Finally there were the lies. I had been having difficulty speaking my truth in relationship and many times, just outright lying to the person who was supposed to be most important to me. I realized this was the tact I had taken with my Dad. I lied to him all the time to get what I wanted and it worked! Some repatterning was required here too – I need to be open and honest and tell the truth to connect with my partner and get my needs met. Once I knew this, I got a sharp ringing in both ears that drowned out any sound in the room. A definite confirmation of my truth.  It cracks me up; it’s like my ego saying, “La, la, la, la, la, I can’t hear you!”

I had no idea these unconscious beliefs were running the show all this time. That’s how insidious the energy of separation and ego is. I am very grateful to have this awareness about myself now. This means I can make a different choice. I already have.

Braco in Sedona: The Real Deal

June 2, 2010

I hadn’t heard of Braco (pronounced “Braht -zho”), the Croatian healer who heals with his gaze, until a friend forwarded me an e-mail that he was going to be in Sedona. I took a look at his web site and felt compelled to buy a ticket. What’s $8 after all?

If I had known what the experience would be like, I would’ve bought a lot more tickets! People who had experienced Braco before bought tickets to several sessions to feel the cumulative effects of his healing.

The event was held in a meeting room at Sedona Rouge. We filed in and were seated. One of the producers of Braco’s American tour spoke to us to prepare us before he entered. She told us Braco would gaze at us for about 5 minutes while we stood. We could stay and meditate for a few minutes after.

When Braco started gazing at us, I could feel all this incredible, unconditional love and my heart just opened. He gazed slowly back and forth across the crowd. It looked to me like the whole audience was swaying. The energy was palpable and really powerful.

When I sat down my head was spinning. A friend who was with me remarked that this must have been what it felt like to be in the presence of Christ – just pure love. Another friend said she saw Braco shape-shift into an Archangel. I didn’t see anything; but I felt that incredible love and feeling of Oneness all around me.

So many healers come to Sedona, that it’s easy to get jaded here. In my experience, Braco is the real deal: humble, unassuming, and packing a mightily powerful energy. If you have the chance to be in his presence, I highly recommend it. You can check out his American tour at

Resistance and the Monk

May 11, 2010

I was in the midst of reviewing past relationships to see my old patterns and roles so I could release them. I had a lot of resistance to doing this. Okay, in reality, I wasn’t doing it. It was my intention to do it, but I kept thinking I didn’t want to face whatever was there. When I have internal work to do, it’s easy to put off. Sometimes even cleaning the bathroom looks good.

The doorbell rang. I was very surprised to see a young monk at my door. He was only about 30, tall and very beautiful. He had deep blue eyes and I could tell by his shaven head that his hair was black when it grew in.

He was very present and explained to me that he was indeed a traveling monk and he relied on the generosity of strangers to feed him. He asked me if I had any food to share.

I brought him out some bananas, avocados and kiwis. He gave me a blessing.

“Thanks, I can use that,” I said.

“That is the gift I have to give,” he said. “And this is a beautiful gift of food. Thank you.”

Later, when I told my house mates there was a monk at the door, they thought I was joking.

“Who has a monk show up at their door, ever?” they asked.

The more I thought about it, the more miraculous it seemed. The Universe had sent me a blessing a time when I was having tough resistance. I’m sure his blessing was the boost of light I needed to do my work and get some insight into relationship. After he left, I did just that. In my next post, I’ll talk about what I discovered.